Statutes / Bare Acts

Information technology Act, 2000


Chapter I : Preliminary

1 Short title, Extent, Commencement and application

2 Definitions

Chapter II : Digital Signature

3 Authentication of electronic records

Chapter III Electronic Governance

4 Legal recognition of electronic records

5 Legal recognition of digital signatures

6 Use of electronic records and digital signatures in Government and its agencies

7 Retention of electronic records

8 Publication of rule, regulation, etc., in Electronic Gazette

9 Sections 6,7 and 8 not to confer right to insist document should be accepted in electronic form

10 Power to make rules by Central Government in respect of digital signature

Chapter IV : Attribution, Acknowledgement and Despatch of Electronic records

11 Attribution of electronic records

12 Acknowledgement of receipt

13 Time and place of despatch and receipt of electronic record

Chapter V : Secure Electronic records and secure digital signatures

14 Secure electronic record

15 Secure digital signature

16 Security procedure

Chapter VI : Regulation of Certifying Authorities

17 Appointment of Controller and other officers

18 Functions of Controller

19 Recognition of foreign Certifying Authorities

20 Controller to act as repository

21 Licence to issue Digital Signature Certificates

22 Application for licence

23 Renewal of licence

24 Procedure for grant or rejection of licence

25 Suspension of licence

26 Notice of suspension or revocation of licence

27 Power to delegate

28 Power to investigate contraventions

29 Access to computers and data

30 Certifying Authority to follow certain procedures

31 Certifying Authority to ensure compliance of the Act, etc.

32 Display of licence

33 Surrender of licence

34 Disclosure

Chapter VII : Digital Signature Certificates

35 Certifying authority to issue Digital Signature Certificate

36 Representations upon issuance of Digital Signature Certificate

37 Suspension of Digital Signature Certificate

38 Revocation of Digital Signature Certificate

39 Notice of suspension or revocation

Chapter VIII : Duties of Subscribers

40 Generating key pair

41 Acceptance of Digital Signature Certificate

42 Control of private key

43 Penalty for damage to computer, computer system, etc.

44 Penalty for failure to furnish information, return, etc.

45 Residuary penalty

46 Power to adjudicate

47 Factors to be taken into account by the adjudicating officer

Chapter X : The Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal

48 Establishment of Cyber Appellate Tribunal

49 Composition of Cyber Appellate Tribunal

50 Qualifications for appointment as Presiding Officer for the Cyber Appellate Tribunal

51 Term of office

52 Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Presiding Officer

53 Filling up of vacancies

54 Resignation and removal

55 Orders constituting Appellate Tribunal to be final and not to invalidate its proceedings

56 Staff of the Cyber Appellate Tribunal

57 Appeal to Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal

58 Procedure and powers of the Cyber Appellate Tribunal

59 Right to legal representation

60 Limitation

61 Civil court not to have jurisdiction

62 Appeal to High Court

63 Compounding of contraventions

64 Recovery of penalty

Chapter XI : Offences

65 Tampering with computer source documents

66 Hacking with Computer system

67 Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form

68 Power of the Controller to give directions

69 Directions of Controller to a subscriber to extend facilities to decrypt information

70 Protected system

71 Penalty for misrepresentation

72 Breach of confidentiality and privacy

73 Penalty for publishing Digital Signature Certificate false in certain particulars

74 Publication for fraudulent purpose

75 Act to apply for offence or contravention committed outside India

76 Confiscation

77 Penalties and confiscation not to interfere with other punishments

78 Power to investigate offences

Chapter XII : Network service providers not to be liable in certain cases

79 Network service providers not to be liable in certain cases

Chapter XIII : Miscellaneous

80 Power of police officer and other officers to enter, search, etc.

81 Act to have overriding effect

82 Controller, Deputy Controller and Assistant Controllers to be public servants

83 Power to give directions

84 Protection of action taken in good faith

85 Offences by companies

86 Removal of difficulties

87 Power of Central Government to make rules

88 Constitution of Advisory Committee

89 Power of Controller to make regulations

90 Power of State Government to make rules

91 Amendment of Act 45 of 1860

92 Amendment of Act 1 of 1872

93 Amendment of Act 18 of 1891

94 Amendment of Act 2 of 1934


Schedule 1 Amendments to the Indian Penal Code

Schedule 2 Amendments to the Indian Evidence Act, 1872

Schedule 3 Amendments to the Bankers' Books Evidence Act, 1891

Schedule 4 Amendments to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934